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Who We Are

We are a team of programmers, designers, developers and graphic artists with many years of experience ready to assist you with all of your website needs.

What We Do

We take your challenges and “Just Fix It”. You tell us what you need and we implement your task as quickly as possible. No up-sells, hassles or pressure.

How We Work

Your task/project is assigned to the team member whose talents best meets your needs. They take the job request and fulfill quickly and notify you when complete.

Fast Service

You have an emergency on your website and you don’t want to wait any longer then needed. We know that time is money and We’ll get it fixed fast!

Expert Developers

Our team has experienced developers that have many years working with the WordPress interface often creating solutions from scratch where needed.

Client Focus

The focus for any of our team members is to deliver exactly what you the client needs and communicate with you any needed information.

Expansive Knowledge

Our team is welled versed on every aspect of a WordPress from the server level, the database, plugins, templates and all areas of the code.

Here Are Just A Few Areas We Can Help You


“The smartest business decision you can make is to HIRE QUALIFIED PEOPLE.
Bringing the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently.”

-- Brian Tracy


Just Fix It - Quick FIx

Have a minor to medium issue on your site? Need something fixed quickly that just isn't right? Learn about our quick fix service.


Just Fix It - Maintenance

We also provide services to help you keep your site worry free. Our reasonably priced monthly plan maybe just for you.


Just Fix It - Custom Project

Maybe you need just a little more then a quick fix. We can “Just Fix It” in that case as well. Click the button below to get the details.

Plugins & Themes

Many times finding the right plug-in or theme for what you are needing is difficult enough not to mention installing and configuring it. The theme is the basis of what makes your site look good and plug-ins help with functionality of the website. Sometimes getting it set up properly or configured they way you want can be overwhelming even more so if you've not done it before. We've worked with a wide range of plug-ins and themes over the years and are confident we can help you.

Website Repair

There are a wide range of issues that can come up on your website. Such as an image not fitting correctly; an order button not aligning like you had hoped; a side bar or widget not working correctly; or even trying to get a video posted like you wanted. It may be adding an integration for a third party service. Let us know the issue and we will “just fix it” for you.

Website Maintenance

Many website owners don’t think about the maintenance and can be critical. Think about what would happen if your site was hacked or disappeared. Do you have a back up? Maybe your site has become sluggish and slow to load. Research shows a slow loading site not only hinders visitors from staying on your site but also can affect page ranking in the search engines. There are many things we can do to help this situation.

Quick Fix

$47 One Time
  • Submit Your Payment
  • Submit Your Task
  • We Just Fix It

Keep It Fixed

  • 2 Quick Fixes Per Month
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • We Keep It Fixed!

Need More Than JUST A Fix?

We Can Just Fix That Too!

Sometimes you are in need of something even more than just a "fix" on your website.  Maybe you are in need of a complete overhaul. Or maybe a site to promote your book, or even add a membership site to your existing site.

Just click the button below, tell us what you need and how we can reach you and we'll quote you a price for your custom project.